New Website, New Workflow, New Intentions

TL;DR I’ve rebuilt the website from the ground up and changed focus.

It has been a while since my last post on this blog and, in general, since any real change to the website.

In this post I will tell you why and what I’m changing.


The work on the old website has become complex and tedious. There is no single corporate but here is a list of possible problems:

Old Website


The original website didn’t have a real goal:


The original website was built with Concrete5, an amazing PHP based CMS (Content Management System) which I suggest you to try if you want to build something complex and simplify you life.
The problems with this approach were:


In order to solve these problems and get the website back on track here are some changes.

New Website

New Workflow

The new website is no more based on Concrete5, but on Hexo:

A fast, simple & powerful blog framework

The advantages are:

The source code of the website will be hosted on GitHub.
The code will be OpenSource (MIT Licence) and the content will be released under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).

The generated files will also be hosted and served by GitHub thanks to GitHub Pages.

While I will be able to develop and write content locally, the website will be automatically be regenerated and kept in sync by Travis CI, which will trigger a CD (Continuous Deployment) workflow every time I will update the repository.

Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

New Intentions

The new website will no try to do everything, but will focus on the blog, which was probably the most interesting part of the old website.

It will focus only on English content. Maintaining both English and Italian is time consuming and the majority of the feedback I got was related to English content.

The interesting old posts have already been ported and new ones will come soon.

My intention is to start releasing at least a new blog post every week.

Let’s see if I can do it.

Carlo Bernashina