RSciTE and MathParseKit

Today has been released the version 3.3.5 of RSciTE, a free text editor available in English and Italian.

RSciTE is (using Linux terminology) a distribution of SciTE that integrates a lot of useful and powerful add-ons.

This project is carried out from Roberto Rossi, and italian developer.

From this version (3.3.5) RSciTE integrates the functionality Calculator that allows to evaluate a mathematical function (even a complex one) without leaving the editor.

In order to implement this functionality MathParseKit has been chosen.

This is the first project that integrates MathParseKit and I hope there will be more to come.

If you don’t know RSciTE yet, I invite you to try it, you will be amazed by all the functionality that are hidden inside this editor.

Carlo Bernaschina