MathParseKit available on Github

Since few days it is available on Github a library named MathParseKit, an easy way to integrate a mathematical interpreter inside a C++ program.

Differently from common thought, a mathematical interpreter is not a niche software component, but can become useful in a lot of applications allowing powerful user interactions.

How many times it happens to have numerical fields that accept only "numbers"?

Why do not allow the user to insert entire functions?


How many times have you wanted to allow the user to set some parameters in a way that permits dependencies from others?

How is it complex to allow maximum flexibility, keeping the code simple?

With MathParseKit this operation is easy and intuitive.

Allow users to write:

  • 3/2*pi instead of 4.712388975
  • 3*Height instead of force them to calculate it themselves.
  • 3,4*x introducing a dependency between a variable and another one in dynamic applications

All of this in an intuitive and simple way, without the need to start all the time from scratch.

Why to reinvent the wheel, when this has been thought, built, and tested by others?

For more information:

MathParseKit on
MathParseKit on Github
MathParseKit wiki on Github

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