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Node.js code reuse, but in the right way

The ability to reuse code is important, but it is also important to do it in the right way. Some considerations on how to write reusable code for Node.js without loosing in performance June 25, 2014

MathParseKit has a Logo

Finally the project MathParseKit has a logo. May 4, 2014

RSciTE and MathParseKit

Starting from version 3.3.5 RSciTE integrates the functionality calculator. MathParseKit has been chosen as the heart of this component. September 8, 2013

Cloud9 on Raspberry Pi

How to install and configure the Cloud9 Web IDE on a Raspberry Pi August 18, 2013

EuroITV 2013

The EuroITV is a conference for media and interaction related to video and television. The 11th edition of this conference is hosted by the Politecnico di Milano in the Como campus. June 23, 2013

MathParseKit on Travis-CI

From today MathParseKit will be automatically tested by Travis CI. Travis CI is an online service for the Continuos Integration of GitHub repositories June 13, 2013

MathParseKit available on Github

Since few days it is available on Github a library named MathParseKit, an easy way to integrate a mathematical interpreter inside a C++ program. Differently from common thought, a mathematical interpreter is not a niche software component, but can become useful in a lot of applications allowing powerful user interactions. March 26, 2013

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